Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Small things

I am stalling on a work project (shocking, I know). I am mostly ignoring my Queue of Concern because I don't really like anything in it right now :-)

What I do like thinking about is how small things are making a big impact in the world. The world, as media and everyone is telling you right now, is screwed up. How many news stories have "...and in these times we live in..." somewhere in the first paragraph? It makes solving things sound impossible. 

Here are a couple ways people are doing small things - not a lot of money, minimal reward - and making a huge impact - that reminds me there is still plenty of good in the world.

A good friend of mine just put on an event that benefited Alice's Kids. Alice's kids is a non-profit that provides short term financial assistance to children with immediate needs, anonymously. Think basketball shoes for a talented kid that can't afford them, art supplies for a child that struggles to verbalize, senior class fees so a kid can walk the stage at graduation. You should follow them on Facebook - the stories are amazing. They make such a huge impact with simple gift cards,

My church just sponsored a meal packaging event with Rise Against Hunger. With this organization, a group of volunteers can commit to fundraise for supplies and then package more than 10,000 meals in just 2 hours. We raised about $3400 to do this mostly by collecting up everyone's spare change. Our group of volunteers included families with young kids and senior citizens and everything in between. You can get together your own group - affiliation doesn't matter - you just need enthusiasm and no fear of pink hair nets (that's my son, earnestly measuring).

My friend Kathy Callahan is an amazing puppy rescue foster mom - she has fostered over 100 dogs! One of them is now part of my family (see Kathy's pictures below), and there are many alums at houses throughout our neighborhood. One by one she is turning unwanted balls of fur into much loved family members. If you want an easy way to turn your frown upside down, check out her YouTube channel to meet all the pups she's taken care of.

And finally, huge shout out to this pilot who had pizzas delivered to his airplane when it was diverted to wait out bad weather. Proof Canadians really are the nicest and that life is so much easier with food in your tummy.

Do you know of a person or organization doing great things in the world? Let me know and we'll give them a shout out!

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