Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Queue of Concern

I am a fan of the Answer Me This podcast - very British, random, and hilarious. For example, the list of topics for the most recent episode is: Escape to the Country (a TV show), International Men's Day, Areas of Outstanding Beauty, legal drinking age, peacocks, hamsters, Bullet Journals/Pomodoro Technique/a life of productivity vs Filofax and where to hang sexy paintings of yourself.

The discussion on productivity planners brought up the term "Queue of Concern." Helen defines it as the 3-5 things you need to get done (what an Air Force boss of mine referred to as "close in fires"). Everything else is just left for later, only to be cataloged when it enters the Queue of Concern. 


There is always so much going on that needs my attention. Obligations of my own doing, granted, but crowding (and clouding) my brain. It sometimes seems never ending :-) but using the Queue of Concern ratchets down the worry. It seems like a better solution that micro-scheduling. Ugh.