Monday, February 25, 2019

Social media = Connections = Goodness

Social media can be pernicious. And steals so much time. As I now know thanks to the weekly "screen time" reports on my phone, ouch. Although is it stealing if I am the one picking up my phone? That's a discussion for later.

What I DO really appreciate about social media is the connections it helps me make. A friend has a friend living overseas in distress. Do I know people in her country? Not directly, but there are certainly some in my female military community happy to reach out and help. Do I know the person trying to get a retirement flag flown in a deployed location? Heck no, but can I connect that person with my career field community to make it happen? Yes. My daughter plays rugby and I take pictures at her games. (It's part heli-parent, part a means of not fidgeting as she runs TOWARDS people and tackles them). A middle school friend of mine knows a girl on the team they played Saturday, which I didn't know until I posted a picture of my daughter from the game. Would you like the link to the pictures to share with that team too? Sure!

I am putting together speakers and panelists for the 2019 Officer Women Leadership Symposium (OWLS) here in DC. I would have a very empty agenda if not for the many people in my network leaning forward to make connections for me. I am SO thankful.

Little, tiny things, that don't cost anything. Just a minute or two more on social media to make a connection. So back off screen time report - there is (some) good work going on here too :-)

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  1. Agree!! Like everything in life, there's a balance to it.