Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Just Say You're Welcome

As you can imagine, a lot of my friends and connections on social media are current and former military members.  It's really what I like best about social media - the opportunity to see folks that I worked with years ago, as they continue to grow their families and careers.  Holidays like Veteran's Day and Memorial Day blow out my feeds with great memories and memorials, which I appreciate and admire.  It's too easy to forget the sacrifices of others in the avalanche of blessings we enjoy living in a free country.

What I have found getting super old is the public scolding over the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran's Day.  I got it - there is a big difference - but are we, the current and former members of the military, so flooded with thanks and recognition that we must scold folks who don't understand the difference, or maybe got the verb tense wrong?  Here is a great exchange on Twitter with one of my favorite rock stars, Pink:

Can't we just say, "You're welcome?"

So what's your take?  Is it time to take a step back from the correcting or do I have it all wrong?

P.S. - check out this humorous take over on the Duffle Blog

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