Monday, May 23, 2016

Our Family Has Become One of "Those" Families

Way back when my kids were toddlers, I used to silently smirk at the parents running their young kids from dance class, to tee ball, to piano, to swimming.  I could smirk for two reasons:  a: the simple logistics of being a dual-military couple meant that we couldn't take on a lot of activities and b: I thought that a "one thing at a time" and "only if offered during pre-school/school" was a much better approach.  I can admit now that I might have also been the tiniest bit jealous

As my husband retired from the AF (when my oldest was 10) we reassessed - now summer swim team and making the leap to year round travel teams was a bit more possible.  And then the kids started having their own ideas about extra-curricular activities they wanted to do.  So my mantra became, "If it's what they want to do, and they don't complain about going to practice/rehearsal, and school work doesn't take a back seat, we'll make it work."  Plus then I retired from the AF (oldest was 14) and so the schedule got a bit looser.  Plus car pools = life saver.

And in short order, I have now circled back to being like those families I used the smirk at.  Racing around from event to event with a super packed schedule.  We have family visiting this week and I'm not sure that they will see all four of us in the same room, Ever.  

Now serving: crow.  

My kids love what they are involved in (okay, 90%ish of the time) and we are making it work, And what the heck is the point of working hard myself if I can't spend my earnings on my kids. And we get in a lot of good talks on those car rides to practices and rehearsals,  And thank heavens the now 16-year old is staring to drive.  And god bless smart phones and electronic calendars. And those long time car pool moms are my go to posse for advice for the new age we are entering - the "Hey Mom, can I go to the (no name) Club downtown for a concert?" age.  

I should have smirked less and paid attention more to how those families were getting it done.  The learning curve is steep, but thankfully fun.  There is always room to learn, and luckily so many good people - fellow parents, coaches, teachers, etc - have helped us along the way :-)

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