Monday, February 19, 2024

May 2/3rds Come True

Sounds goofy doesn't it? I was listening to Trevor Noah's podcast What Now? - the Grammy's behind the scenes episode. One of Trevor's pals said he tells people that he hopes 2/3rds of their dreams come true. 

Why? 2/3rds is better than half, it's still most of your dreams. Also, not having 1/3rd of your dreams done (yet) means that you can still chase those remaining dreams without seeming insane. 

Their words, not mine, but it's definitely stuck in my head. Partial credit, if you will, for where you are right now, and motivation to keep moving forward.

It's a great episode, especially if you love awards shows :-) but if you want to skip to this specific discussion, start at the 23 minute mark.

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