Thursday, January 18, 2024

Distraction Action

Aren't these beads gorgeous? The are handmade glass by Kerry Bogert. They're even more precious because she's not making beads right now. I was looking for something in my office and saw them, literally bright shiny objects catching my attention. My imagination lept ahead to a project - disassemble these pieces and put them into a single long necklace so that I can better enjoy the colors while wearing them. 

This is classic distraction action. It's a new term I learned on the Faith Adjacent podcast (the NOs of Resolutions episode, starting at about 28 minutes in, to be precise :-)). In the podcast, Jamie shares the sage advice from her therapist to assess actions as necessary, or action (no matter how valid) that is a distraction from a more important task.

I realize it is rarely clear what is the most important action and what is really a distraction (I mean, who wouldn't want a new necklace with these pretty beads?) but alas, there is other stuff I should be doing right now. But I'll get back to this project soon, for sure!


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