Thursday, May 9, 2024

Age In (Many) Place(s)

I noticed on our shared family calendar that my husband had added a gym workout and a physical therapy appointment for himself this week. "Very impressive," I encouraged by text. "Eye on France and GC," he texted back. We're going with friends on a biking trip in France this summer and we are returning to the Grand Canyon to finish the hike we didn't get to a year ago (see this post for the details of my epic hiking fail).

He and I are definitely rapidly approaching the age where we should probably consider "aging in place" or moving to where we could. But instead we seem to be doing the opposite...jumping into (not too crazy) adventures since we now have the time and the reduced parenting responsibilities to do so. But is it time to downshift to a more age-appropriate lifestyle?

It's a discussion I recently had with a friend. When do you tip from "active lifestyle" into "Hey old person, you really shouldn't do this anymore"? Hopefully that line is way, way ahead of us. But also, that fact that we are, ahem, a little older, is inspiring a reinvigorated gym routine and closer attention to when our bodies need maintenance from professionals. I am not ready to hang up my skis, scuba suit, bike helmet or hiking boots yet. But also, I pay the extra to make sure any plans are insured and/or refundable and thank my lucky stars I have solid medical insurance coverage - ha!

The world is full of adventure and life is short! Let's go!


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