Monday, May 24, 2021

A Beginner's Mind


Have you ever had a great quote make your day? This one sure did. It's by Suzuki Roshi, Zen monk and teacher. A couple months ago I started a new job. While I am working with people I know and like, it's  a whole new role and there is so much to learn. I feel bad not giving an enthusiastic "it's awesome" response when people ask how the new job is going, but it's 100% because I feel like I am bumbling around making mistakes.

Part of me thinks - when will this end? When will I know everything I need to know and work will  be effortless. When will the surprises end? Uh, never. Every new role or new project in your life is a leap of faith that you can do it, and you will never know where it will lead. This quote helped remind me that being a beginner (again) is not bad. It's mentally and metaphorically keeping me on my toes, and I am learning every day. It would be nice to not cringe with each new e-mail though - hah!

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