Thursday, May 6, 2021

Happy Mother's Day!

I am joking 1000%. This quote was from Jon Acuff, who's newsletter this week talked about Things Moms Never Say, along with "I can't believe I ever stressed about taking care of little humans that demand all my care and energy" and "I have so much time to invest in myself, I think I'll spend the weekend learning how to play the harp."

We all know a mom that appears to have it all together all the time - kids dressed impeccably, who happily eat vegetables, who are in all the accelerated classes at school. Moms that always appear well dressed and fit. But even that mom is probably telling herself that she's failing at something, or maybe even everything. And if that mom feels like they are failing, what about those who are always late, forget permission slips, and keep their children alive on chicken nuggets (ahem).

If you haven't told the mothers in your life how awesome they are, Sunday is the day to do it. Your mother, grandmother, the mother of your children, every mother you know.  Because, where would we be without them?


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