Friday, January 1, 2021

Keep It Reasonable in 2021


Ha! So what really is reasonable anymore in this weirdo world, ammiright? Resist the urge to spend these first few days on 2021 writing a long list of how you plan to change your life in the next year. 

Statistically all New Years resolutions are tossed before you even get through January, so why not cut about 90% of them now? As Jon Acuff says, "If a new goal makes you feel ashamed of your old life, it's a bad goal." Amen.

My goals for 2021: create more, and end the year stronger. 

There is plenty of inspiration out there beside my blathering, here are some favorites from across the itnerwebs.  (Highly recommend following Nadia Bolz-Weber, Josh Perry and Mel Robbins for year-round inspiration)

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