Sunday, January 17, 2021

Start Small

Ooof, 2021 sure hasn't delivered on its newness, has it? I mean, it's supposed to be the new year, as in better, or at the least different from its predecessor.  It's a lot to take in when you might already be beyond overwhelmed. Even fun seems hard these days.

The new year is often a time to reflect and figure out how to do things better - time management and goal setting articles abound.  There has to be some way to tame the chaos, right? But I have to agree with this article that makes this helpful point:

The more time your productivity system takes to manage, the less productive it makes you.

Right now what's working for me is the one-post-it method. When you settle down to start your day (post-coffee for sure), write down the close in fires, the things that must get done today, the small bites, on a post-it-note. Only on the front of the post-it-note, you over achievers. Finishing the day with the post-it-note complete is a SATISFYING VICTORY. Also, the benefit of the post-it-note is that it can easily travel with you - as you move between laptops and in and out of the car, into a pocket or wallet, or wherever your unstructured WFH life takes you.

(Note: my post-it-note for this day included tasks for church, Scouts, a leadership symposium, household clutter and an actual paid work task :-) I gave up long ago keeping things compartmentalized)

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