Sunday, June 21, 2020

Get It All Done!

1. Feel bad about the stuff that needs to get done but has been lingering at the bottom of your list (behind "actual work", "figure out dinner" and "finish binging xxx")

2. Resolve to Get. It. Done.

3. Decide that if you could just have a neat space to work in, it would all be much easier. Also, since this space is where you have been teleworking for 3 months, perhaps it's time to "move in" permanently.

4. Quickly overwhelm the trashcan, so you go find all other handy receptacles. Decide that books on running your internet business, blogging, and a photo editing program all dated from the early 2000s should be the first  to go. Perhaps it's also time to give away all school project supplies as you have graduated from doing science fair tri-fold posters. This is GREAT! Doesn't this feel awesome?

5. Realize that it is now after midnight. Space is as pictured above. Projects remain un-done. Go to bed. Restart checklist tomorrow (or maybe day after tomorrow,  or next week...)

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