Friday, June 26, 2020

Cool Breaks for a Hot Summer

I am a lover of rom-coms and romance novels. Why? Because when life gets crazy I crave things with happy endings. But the Venn diagram of "fiction" and "happy ending" doesn't have to exclude "thought provoking" and "inclusive." Here are some recommendations that have been making me happy:

Late Night (streaming on Amazon Prime) and High Note (available to rent).  The music from High Note is super awesome. Also, listen to this interview with Traces Ellis Ross. I wish I could be a tiny bit as cool as she is!  Also worth a re-watch - Ocean's 8 - "A Him gets noticed, a Her gets ignored. And for once, we'd like to be ignored" - classic line!

I can't recommend Jasmine Guillory enough - such great stories! And her fifth book just came out - Party of Two. How is this not a movie or TV series?

Comfort Food Without Calories:
I flipped on Taste the Nation on Hulu because I love Top Chef and I needed a distraction while cleaning. It was SO GOOD. I binged the entire season in about 3 days! So when you finish that, tune in to the Table Manners podcast. Jesse Ware and her mom interview all sorts (From Mel and Sue of GBBO to John Legend). The episode featuring Munroe Bergdorf was really great.

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