Friday, July 17, 2020

A Mantra I Can Get Behind

In case you missed it, the executives of a Japanese theme park said that in times of corona virus, riders should "Please scream inside your heart." Huh, I think, this is a new thing? If you are a mother, teacher, supervisor of other humans, or really have any interaction with any humans whatsoever, I am thinking you are familiar with this. Unless of course you have a zen like calm, 24/7.

I think there is added pressure for women to be calm and measured. "Too emotional" is often a criticism of working with women or for a female leader. To have our act together at all times, regardless of degree of hunger, deficit of sleep, or dip in emotional equilibrium is the gold standard. 

This recent NYT article, The Rage Mothers Don't Talk About, has some interesting thoughts to consider. Reach out to your pals, regardless of degree of outward calm. And especially in these bonkers times we live in. We're all kinda over the zoom happy hour, but I gotta say, these are the lifelines I count on :-).

p.s. - As I have been writing this and fiddling around with a couple other tasks, I got an e-mail asking to reschedule a call I missed. One that was only scheduled because I had asked for it to happen. Auuuuurrrrrgh (I scream inside my heart).

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