Wednesday, June 3, 2020

2020: Is Dumpster Fire Too Kind a Term?

Apparently, Marriam-Webster added the term "dumpster fire" to the dictionary in 2018. Who knew that 2020 would be so craptastic, even this term seems kind. I've sat down to write a couple posts here and there and either can't finish or fear coming off as sounding tone deaf to those who are suffering. 

We are a country that loves to profile, stereotype, leap to conclusions, assume everyone within a particular demographic thinks the same, troll and clap back. Even trusted journalistic sources mis-inform, either unintentionally because the stories are moving so fast, or deliberately because they have their own agenda to push forward.

When it gets overwhelming I get quiet, partially out of fear for saying the wrong thing, however unintentionally, and partly because there are no easy answers or quick fixes. The rants of "If you don't..." or "You should..." are fueled by emotion (totally understandable), but complex issues require critical thought. I hope, I ask, I pray that before taking to the internet, take a beat, take a breath, and resist the urge to pile on heedlessly. Listen. Seek. Learn. Lend a hand as best you can. Lead always with kindness.  

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  1. Amen! (BTW - have Merriam and Webster added 'craptastic' to their dictionary - def needs to be there!! <3