Monday, May 4, 2020

Family Cheerleader

Are you your family cheerleader? And by family I mean the loosest possible definition - workplace, friends, or actual family. I've been feeling kind of run down lately and I think it's because being the family cheerleader, when so much of normal is curtailed and news is grim, has been a challenge.

Is this a challenge of epic proportions, of life and death? Heck no. I am fantastically well off - loved ones are healthy, jobs are intact (at the moment), kids are hanging in there. Our state plans to begin loosening some restrictions mid-May, a small light at the end of the tunnel. I am enormously thankful for the recent flyby of the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels, who gave us an excuse for a long bike ride on a beautiful day (see my pics below).

But if I could find that 22nd mile of a marathon motivation, it would be so helpful.

How are you hanging in there? Doing ok? What are your ways of keeping the pep up for your people?

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