Thursday, June 27, 2019

Are You Authorized?

The further I get from active duty life, the more blank looks I get when I use a term that seems completely natural to me, but garners a blank look. Is your fun meter pegged? Are you running the mill around checklist? Do you have the hand receipt?  My friend Jan said she got a funny reaction when she told a fellow mom she was "authorized." To anyone from the military, it means you have permission, go do that. To a civilian it probably sounds more formal, like there are a lot more rules involved.  This same friend caught me in church once doing this to my then wiggly toddler son, who was up front for choir or children's sermon or something.

I am working on a dream project, a book, a complete work of fiction. Of course my protagonist is a smart, sassy women who is a veteran.  Although my book is not set in the military per say, the lingo creeps in there. It's so awesome to have fellow writers in my writing group reviewing my work that have completely different backgrounds. Our discussion on what I meant by "tactical backpack" was hilarious and still makes me smile. If it passes their test, then I know that it will make sense to everyone. Now if only I would just finish the dang thing...

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