Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I Know That Look Part 2

I follow a blog called Rage Against The Mini Van.  What can I say, she had me at the name :-) 

Kristin covers all kinds of topics, and I love her sensibility.  On her blog "you might find musings about the impact of the skinny jean on Kristen's self-esteem, her tendency to spill food on her laptop, and her inappropriate crush on Jon Stewart.  She also indulges in sleep-deprived rants about parenting, poop, adoption, politics, race, religion, social justice, and various other subjects that her mother warned her not to discuss in public."

Her post last Friday so captured what often happens in our family that I had to share:  On forgetting permission slips and the shame cycle of failure that follows.  So many times we have felt like our family had it all together, was cooking with gas even, when a dive into the backpacks or into e-mails inexplicably hiding in the junk mail folder reveals our confidence as a tissue of lies. Please read it, you will enjoy it!

If you have young kids I highly recommend you follow Kristin's Instagram called Asshole Parents. You are not alone. The tantrums will stop, someday :-)

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