Sunday, March 13, 2016

I Know That Look

So I have a great volunteer gig right now - finding other people to fill long term volunteer positions and then once all the jobs are filled, I am done.  Simple mission with a known end date - sweet!

I tracked down one of my candidates and as soon as I started talking, she gave me a look that went straight to my heart.  Because I recognize it.  It's the look you give when you feel like you are already 105% tasked, but with grit, luck and prayers you are making it work.  But you have no extra.  Not even for a very part time, very noble volunteer job.  To her enormous credit, she said she would think about it, when I know every fiber in her being wanted to run away :-)

Hang in there sister.  I've been there, we all have.  You will survive!

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