Sunday, September 17, 2023

There's More Room

I love a good story about someone choosing their own way. As someone who often feels like a square peg in a round hole world, I admire those that lean in to their individualism with confidence. 

You should check out the September 9 article in the Wall Street Journal, "Dressing Like a 1950s Housewife Is Not Just for ‘Trad Wives’: Bright-red lipstick, curled hair, high heels, full skirts: Feminists and ‘trad wives’ alike are embracing the midcentury look". Some women interviewed like the mid-century style because it's an un-ironic expression of their conservative values. But most interviewed just liked the how the style looked and enjoyed thrifting and sewing their outfits -- "it was “rude to assume” anything about their values based on how they dress." 

The end of the article is really what got my attention, though: “Why can’t I have a career and still wear pink sundresses? Why can’t I be a feminist and still want to stay home with my children?” she said. “Why is there no more room to be more than just one thing?”

I couldn't agree more. 

You should check out two women I admire who are exceptional creators of their own looks while also having many other roles: @flashbacksummer and @janinekspendlove.

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