Thursday, August 31, 2023

Don't Press the Bruise

When I have a morning to myself, I'll flip on the Today show while I eat breakfast and read the paper. Very old school. But occasionally in the background noise a gem pops out, like the interview August 29th with author Michelle Icard about her new book, 8 Setbacks That Can Make a Child a Success

I haven't read the book, and my kids are pretty much adults now, but her steps for getting through and growing from failure would apply to just about any phase of life: Contain, Resolve and Evolve. 

- Contain: Do whatever it takes to limit further damage

- Resolve: Take action to fix the wound, not just stop it from bleeding

- Evolve: Deliberately start to put failure in the rearview mirror

Another way to say evolve? Don't press the bruise. 

Oh man, if only I had heard this years ago. My poor children. In my worry and in an effort to know that we had weathered some storm, I am sure I asked 1,000,000 times how things were going with whatever the issue was. I wish I had done more to keep that to myself. Luckily they are pretty awesome and turned out ok anyway - ha!

For those still in the thick of middle and high school, I highly recommend following Michelle Icard on Facebook and Instagram.

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