Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Summer List - Part III

With the 1,000 streaming services right now - get a group of folks together and we ask "What are you watching?" Our girlfriend weekend was no different, although this time we wrote things down. Mega hot weather and smokey skies mean indoor time for a lot of us, so you might appreciate some suggestions on what to watch. Most of these have been around for a while, but maybe you missed something that's worth seeing. Enjoy!

Boardwalk Empire (HBO)

Bosch (from the series of books, Amazon Prime)

Hell on Wheels (Amazon Prime)

Peaky Blinders (Netflix)

Race to Survive Alaska (USA)

Silos (Apple Plus)

Ted Lasso (Apple Plus) – worth many re-watches!

The Bear (Hulu) - I think I'm the only person who hasn't watched this show.

The Diplomat (Netflix)

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning (Peacock) - it's uplifting, really!

The Great Hack (Netflix)

The Last of Us (HBO)

The Men Who Built America (History channel, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hulu)

The World’s Toughest Race (Amazon)

Turn: Washington’s Spies (Amazon and Netflix)

We’re Here (HBO)



AIR (Amazon) and the soundtrack is pretty kickin’ if you, ahem, were alive in the 80s

Bikes of Wrath (Amazon)

CODA (Apple Plus) - and Oscar winner that you must see!

Icarus (Netflix)

The Shape of Water (Hulu and Amazon) - another Oscar winner!

The Social Dilemma (Netflix)

Shiny Happy People (Amazon Prime) - it's about the Duggar family, not the REM song :-) Also highly recommend the July 13th Bible Binge podcast on the show. 

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