Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Rethinking the Lost Year

As we have rounded past the first anniversary of the pandemic in the United States, I find the paper full of articles referring the the last year as "the lost year." Usually the articles fall into the "this just sucks, doesn't it?" category (totally valid), but one or two have highlighted interesting pivots and silver linings. This article about a couple who befriended vultures is pretty cool (really).  My friend Missy's stories about deciding to buy the quirky AirBnB farm they had stayed in as their post-Air Force home were also pretty cool (read all about it here).

But I don't want to call this a lost year. Sure, everything changed as far as how we spend time together, how we work, and where we can travel. People have lost loved ones and jobs. Kids have lost out on so much of the joy that fills up a childhood. 

But you can't have the good without the balance of bad - how else could you to know how to appreciate it? You can't learn without being challenged. How much do you remember from that class that you breezed through compared to the class that you had to work and struggle though just to pass? We are so close to "normal" right now - I love the joyous excitement in peoples voices and they talk about returning to school and getting vaccinated. 

Look back and know that you bested the challenge, and look forward with joy to those every day events that you can appreciate now so much more.

(or not :-))

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