Monday, March 16, 2020


Bananas - the world has just gone bananas hasn't it? I'm generally a calm person, and personally crave less busy-ness in my life, but wow. A black swan event, as my husband has been saying. He works in the airline industry, so these last few days have been extra super bananas for him.

On the one hand, it's a hassle, and stressful, and causes anxiety. Who knew it would take so much time to undo all the things on the calendar? On the other hand, this complete upending to how your life is normally organized could be a gift.  Like the chance I had today to take a bike ride on a weekday with my husband. Or reading through the e-mails with my work partners above.

It makes me very thankful that I am not worried about where my next paycheck, or meal, comes from.  Please keep those that are in your thoughts and prayers.

p.s. - if you really want some perspective on the coronavirus impact, read the comments on this post. Those minor inconveniences will seem way more minor-y.

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