Monday, February 3, 2020

Forgiveness v Unforgivable

One of my many concerns about the world right now is that there is little room for forgiveness. That one thing, inappropriate, hurtful, illegal, perhaps misconstrued, or merely a momentary lapse in judgement, will be brought up publicly, again and again (usually via social media). Regardless of all the work that person might have done to grow, change, make amends, or otherwise turn their life around. 

I get that there are bad acts that a person can commit that are truly unforgivable, that no amount of repentance can change. I also get that the temptation to sweep a difficult situation under the rug can allow a serial offender to victimize for far too long. But those are the extreme end of a "continuum of offense" that should not be applied to everything on that continuum. 

What worries me is that lack of forgiveness could result in very good people, people we need to solve the ills in the world, refraining from sticking their neck out and daring great things.

It is not easy work, forgiveness. Heavy thoughts on this rainy spring-like day :-)

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