Monday, January 27, 2020

Reasonable New Years Resolutions

Yes, technically New Years resolutions should be figured out before the year starts, but I am more of a "continuous improvement" kind of gal. To that end, here are a couple suggestions for ways to grow in a very low pressure kind of way...

Need some leadership to emulate? Check out the doc-series Cheer on Netflix. Coach Monica is a wonder - tough as steel, very demanding, yet adored by her cheer leaders. Her ability to make tough decisions on who is "on the mat" without drama is to be admired. 

Need a fun police-ish drama that centers on a female veteran? Check out Stumptown on CBS. Dex Parios is a strong, sharp-witted veteran getting her act together as a private investigator. It stars Cobie Smulders of Marvel fame, and she is awesome.

Need some fun fiction that actually is deeper than expected? Check out The Overdue Life of Amy Byler by Kelly Harms. Favorite part: "I get this now. I get now that you can love what you have, love your kids and your life and your friends, and still want more. I get that it's ok to go out and get more - more love, more friendship, more fulfillment - and still be a wonderful mom."

Finally, go see 1917 and Little Women. Both incredible, both very different. Maybe don't see them on the same night :-)

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