Thursday, February 13, 2020

Energy Management

(This Insta post is from The Skimm, see note below)

My son and I just took a quick trip to North Carolina to a school he's been accepted to. We are in the final throws of our youngest child selecting a college - woohoo! 

While there, one of the speakers referred to the term "energy management." The context was redefining time management more appropriately as energy management.

The term has been stuck in my head ever since, an "aha moment" like the term Queue of Concern I shared on a post at about this time last year. So many times I have found myself up late getting that ONE MORE THING done, when clearly my brain had long expended it's energy for the day. 

Lately I have instituted a kind of evening deadline, when PJs go on, and laptop goes away, and the hardest thing I'll attempt is catching up on important world issues, like Project Runway. My inbox hasn't blown up due to spending a little less time chopping it down, and I feel much better.

Give it a try!

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