Monday, January 7, 2019

New Year, Still the Same Vintage

A year ago, I declared that I would do some fun stuff in 2018, since I was turning 50. It's a number that you have to take a tiny bit seriously, just a bit, because it's a serious amount of time. But the last thing I want to do is be serious - serious sounds stodgy, set in my ways, and no fun at all. So I put it out there is this post that I had some stuff to do to make sure I wasn't falling in to any kind of rut, or sitting on the sidelines. Let's see how I did:

50 things to do when I turn 50
Sky dive (with my daughter after she turns 18) - check!

Long board - I put it on my Christmas list...

Learn to knit socks - started, not finished

Surf - attempted, not mastered :-)

Make Pad Thai at home - tried, but I still like the what the pros make best

Make croissants at home - did this over Christmas 2018 - here's the recipe

Take a digital photography class - didn't get to this

Finish my book - not even close, but I took some wonderful classes, and have an 
awesome writing group of talented ladies that are helping me stay on track.

Make tortillas from scratch - didn't get to this.

Make macrons - did get to this - yummmmmm - try this recipe here

Go to the opera - went with a good friend to see Silent Night at the Kennedy Center.  
Highly recommend a pre-theater drink next door at the Kingbird restaurant at the Watergate.

See something at Signature Theater - saw Billy Elliott with my son's theater buddies.

See something at Arena Stage - saw Dave - great fun!

Go to an old school rock concert - Pink! was awesome. Also got to see T-Swift thanks to VetTix.

Enter a bike race - oops.

Do another triathlon - didn't work out for me this year, but plan to do one as a team in August.

Go on the mission trip to Haiti (left this week a year ago) (it was awesome!!)

So what's up for 2019? Lots more adventure I hope! New leadership challenges for sure (more on that soon) and more opportunities to learn and grow. 

Thanks to everyone for supporting my blog, it means so much!

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  1. E, I love this list and that you set these goals for yourself! I plan to take a page from your book and do more for me this year too! It was so fun to be able to share your year with you!!! Here’s to 50 more!