Friday, October 19, 2018

A Couple Quick Shout Outs


...or is it shouts out? Ha! Here are 3 things making me happy this week (a la Pop Culture Happy Hour).

1. I know you know that voting is important, at anytime, but even more so now. But if you are in the military, you might not live any where near your voting district. Or maybe you do live in your voting district but you don't have a lot of bandwidth to study up on the candidates and issues. Or maybe you just moved to a new community.  No worries, try out the Ballot Cheat Sheet. Put in your address and it will create your personalized ballot. I tried it out with my address and it was spot on.

2. This song. It's my own personal YOLO anthem, and I can't get enough of it. "I'd rather be making memories, than reminiscing of the past, you see..."

3. Have you ever listened to The Moth either on your local NPR station or via podcast? It's pretty awesome, but last night I got to see one of their live shows. So So So good. If you get a chance to any over their live events do it.

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