Saturday, July 7, 2018

Building Resilience

A quick post as I am wrapping up college orientation with my daughter. She's our oldest, so we are all in on her school and trying to figure out how to parent (and pay for) a kid in college. A lot of the parent events were about how to help your kid be resilient and thrive at school, away from Mom and Dad. Dr Tim Davis gave a pretty compelling talk and I'd like to share his bullet points on building resilience in your child. I think this would work with airmen and coworkers, too:

1. Give them permission to struggle (translation for parents: park the helicopter :-))

2. Support a growth mindset - focus on effort, persistence and strategies rather than intelligence, talent and abilities

3. Foster optimism

4. Encourage life outside the classroom (or squadron, or office, or any other group you are part of...) 
    -- A stat he shared: highly effective leaders are 15% IQ (brains) and 85% EQ (emotional intelligence)

5. Hold on loosely, they need you, but don't over manage

The parenthetical comments are mine, not his. To see it yourself, you can watch his talk on Youtube. Dr. Davis is the sponsor of a student-run Resilience Project, I'm looking forward to following their posts.

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