Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Devils Roller Coaster and Other Good Things

For those with kids going through "that" phase, please read this post from Jen Hatmaker. I can only hope to remember to back off like she does..."I shall not partake of your horsecrappery."

A quick glimpse into 12-year-old, preadolescent mind matter: . Remy is just home from six days of camp having slept half as much as normal while carrying all the social anxiety of teen immersion without parents to help her navigate it or the respite of home half the day: . 1. She walks in the door an absolute nightmare. Like a child out of a horror movie. The leading role in Children of the Corn. No hugs, no reunion. Only angry drama and slammed doors and disgruntlement and fury and NO ONE UNDERSTANDS MY LIFE. . 2. Mom knows enough to not touch this with a ten-foot pole. This is my fifth child. FARE THEE WELL PRETEEN DRAMA FUELED BY OVERSTIMULATION. I shall not partake of your horsecrappery. I shan't chase you in your state of exhausted angst and full blown meltdown. You want to lie down on your hardwood floor and order me out of your room? GOODBYE, BELOVED. MAY JESUS MINISTER TO YOU IN YOUR TIME OF NEED. . 3. Child stays in her room for two hours. Laying on the hardwood floor. Like a Lifetime movie. . 4. Child creeping out into the living room: "Why am I like this??? Why am I so rude?? Something is wrong with me, Mom! I am turning mean! Can you ever forgive me?? I don't know what to do! I feel so bad that I yelled at you! I wouldn't even hug you! I don't think you'll ever forgive me!" (insert fat, rolling tears) YOU'LL NEVER FORGIVE MEEEEEEEE!!! . 5. Mom decides that this roller coaster is not worth the price of admission. It is the Devil's roller coaster created to make moms lose their sanity. I hate this whole theme park run by hormones, booby buds, social insecurity, and underdeveloped brains. I want my money back. Where is the bar? . 6. Mom gives her a plate of microwaved pizza rolls and sends her to bed where she promptly falls asleep at 7:45pm. . The end. . Middle school is the worst stretch in the human life. May God bless and keep them. And their teachers. And their parents. And their youth pastors. And their coaches. And their own poor little mangled minds. BE NEAR US, JESUS.
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Other good things from my much-in-my-car week:

I finished Just the Funny Parts and it was so different (and better) than I expected.  Nell Scovell is a comedy writer, and I expected the book to be full of behind the scenes anecdotes from favorite TV shows.  But it was also about what it's like being a talented writer in a workplace that is predominantly male. About how important it is to have different perspectives. And how she called out some big wigs in the business on the lack of diversity on their staffs. Nell shares a friendship with Sheryl Sandbuerg and helped write both of her books. Very cool.

Along the same lines of the unexpected is a 10-episode podcast series called American Fiasco, the true story of the 1998 US Mens World Cup team and how a promising team lost spectacularly at the  World Cup. It's hosted by Roger Bennett of the Men in Blazers pod cast, a family favorite. Even if you are not interested in soccer or even sports, it was a great case study on how leadership, communication, and management of subordinates, when done poorly, can sink you.

And if you want to know why I enjoy international soccer and the World Cup, this handy guide will help.

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