Monday, March 12, 2018

Nailed It

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I like to start my posts with a funny picture, usually found with the help of my friend Google. But as I fished around for something last night I couldn't seem to land on the right thing. Then the above came across my feed this morning, and that summed up perfectly what I was feeling.

I am the least unbiased person to ask about my kids, but they generally follow the rules, pitch in when asked, try their best at school, and don't pick on each other too much. Even so, I find having two high schoolers to be very stressful. I worry So. Dang. Much. for them. Are we doing enough for them? Are we doing too much? Should I push more? Did I not push enough? This sounds silly as I type it and I know it, yet I can't help myself. 

But then everything goes right, and lets me know we are doing okay. My family had a pretty busy Sunday. I had two events on Sunday afternoon/evening, my husband needed my daughter to take him to the station downtown to catch a train to NYC for a business trip, and my son had a bunch of homework to get done. When I came home, the dogs were taken care of, the trash was out, my husband had been safely delivered to his train, and homework was done. My son had made a pasta dish for their dinner, and since it was nice, they had eaten outside together on the patio. This morning, I got a text from my son with some good results on recent math tests, adding icing to the cake. Rest assured life isn't this smooth every day :-)

Big victories and successes are awesome, obviously, but it's the stack of little, tiny victories that has made me so happy today. 

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