Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Artist in Combat Boots

Meet my friends Jen (on the left) and Sally. We were together in Jen's hometown of Bedford, PA, celebrating her first artist showing (you can see some of her work here). The showing was at the Briar Valley Winery Tasting Room (wine and culture, awesome!) and it was packed with both locals and many friends that traveled to see it.

The next day we had brunch at Jen's house and DROOLED over her cute bungalow and artist studio. It was full of color and joy, which has always been her MO. 

This is one of my favorite corners of her house. On this wall are beautiful pieces by her favorite artists, but also the flag from Jen's deployment as a PERSCO chief, and her commissioning and retirement certificates from the Air Force. 

Jen and I didn't meet because our creative paths crossed (although eventually that happened too). We met because many years ago we were on the same committee, putting on a dinner for the San Antonio Company Grade Officer's Council. 

Jen was an exemplary officer and brilliant mentor to those she worked with in the Air Force. I know this because many were there at her artist reception, so excited to cheer her on. She has a unique way of approaching problems and solving them, which I think was wildly under appreciated by some of her Air Force leadership. I wish wish wish so much that the Air Force, or any organization for that matter, would cultivate more creative thinkers like her. I am lucky and honored to call her my friend. 

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