Monday, December 11, 2017

Change is Good

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I was raised by a mom who believed there was always a solution to every problem, if you worked it. She is tenacious and it has rubbed off on me. Telling me it's not possible just makes me try harder (shout out to the high school counselor who said I'd never get into the Air Force :-)). 

So it's been interesting in our house lately as we have come to realize that quitting an activity and changing to a different level class is the right thing for each of our kids. Nearly every fiber of my being is shouting (inside my head) YOU CAN DO IT, WE GOT THIS! Then I see how the current situation is demoralizing--they are not quitters--but a change would really lighten their load.  

I admit to being ever so slightly dramatic - my kids are healthy, well adjusted (if sometimes smart ass-y), kind to others and don't complain (too loudly) when we ask for help around the house. As I said to my husband today, they are either straight with their parents or the greatest covert operatives ever.

I know there is a lot of value in sticking with something through thick and thin, but there is value also in knowing when it's time to make a change. So I quiet the "work it" part of my brain and say, "Ok, I see you put thought into this. We support you 100%. Here's what we think should happen next. And we love you."

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  1. Great advice and honestly not how I have always approached things...