Thursday, November 30, 2017

Finding the Elusive Balance

A writer that I follow, Lisa Harper, has had a couple posts lately about having "fluffy parts" that she needs to work on. Fluffy is a good way to put it, and I can so relate. For me, it's that feeling that comes from too much time sitting at a desk or in my car, grabbing whatever is handy when I am hungry. I must do better, I admonish myself. I must buy better food, and get to the gym. 

A lesson I always relearn this time of year, though: soy egg nog is gross and doesn't remotely emulate the real deal. Sure it's like half the calories, but who wants a shot of such sadness in their coffee on these dark mornings. Every time I load up on foods that are supposed to be better for me (aka, low cal), I remember that practicing moderation with good, sometimes home made, hopefully less processed stuff makes me and my family way happier. For further inspiration, check out this helpful list of healthy holiday food - it includes real food like pumpkin pie, turkey, red wine and candy canes :-)

I've adopted moderation as my new gym mantra as well. Although in this case, it means it's better to go moderately than not at all. With just a tiny bit more effort I feel like I can get back on the fitness train. Lately I am on call to pick up my son after school, which gives me about an hour to get to the gym between work and his text saying come get me. Gym clothes must be in the car, because if I go home the gym's not going to happen. We'll see if I can get this new habit to stick.   

What do you do to find a healthy balance in your life?

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