Monday, June 5, 2017

Fixing Things

So I have posted on and on about the craziness of these last few weeks of the school year. "Enough!" I am scolding myself. But when I thought more about it, I decided it wasn't really the busy-ness that is dragging down my positive attitude, it's my inability to fix something that needs fixing. 

My awesome child is struggling a bit in school. My Air Force training and mamma bear tendencies are colluding to make me crazy as I ask him a barrage of questions about school as soon as I see him in the afternoon and cringe when I look through the electronic grade book. We've vacillated between kindness and understanding and assembling tools to help and putting planned summer activities on the chopping block if things don't improve. No one is happy having another discussion about school.

But here's the deal. It's the silly season of the school year. Kids are either testing, watching movies, or being given an end of year project because the teachers are so done. We've handed him the impossible task of turning around his grades when he'll have little opportunity to do so.  

I can't fix this for him, and I need to take a step back from trying to do so. He needs to do it himself. The family standard is 100% effort, and missing assignments are still a crime, but the rest is up to him to fix.

UPDATE: Here is the text I received this afternoon.  There is a glimmer of a spark in there :-)

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