Monday, May 22, 2017

Life In a Snow Globe

To give you an indication of my current mental state, I offer these texts to my husband (the topic is signing up my daughter for SATs)...

I am way in the weeds these days with all the "end of" and "last" things happening as we enter the last month of school. And also...teenagers. Mine are good ones (I say without bias :-)), and generally have their act together, but there is just so much to keep on top of. I could rail against the crazy over scheduling of kids and heli-parenting, but it's the world we live in. Any sports team, scout troop, theater production, and oh yeah, school, requires complete commitment and more time than they/you might have.

That rant and many other topics for blog posts are swirling in my head, snow globe style, but nothing is settling down into anything coherent.  Until some miracle of metal clarity happens, here are some newly discovered pod casts that you might enjoy. Listening to them is what I do to chill out.

NPR's Up First - it's posted daily and is 10 minutes of the biggest stories and ideas of the day. 

The Big Listen - it's a podcast about pod casts.  It's fun to listen to on its own but also has introduced me to lots of new pod casts. Two I am trying out (and they are vastly different) are Two Dope Queens and The Hilarious World of Depression.

One I tend to listen to when I am on a road trip with my son is Story Corps.  Two recent episodes are standouts: An Experiment and Tough Mother.


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