Sunday, March 5, 2017

It's About Choice, Right?

Beloved, wonderful, impossibly well grounded Emma Watson is being called out as a "bad feminist" because of pictures that accompanied her profile in Vanity Fair.  Apparently after this photo was posted to the Vanity Fair Instagram page, the internet went to town "claiming this photo undermined her fight to diminish the gender wage gap and that she was being hypocritical by baring her body while still touting notions of female equality." (source)

I thought feminism was about choice, and making sure that women had the freedom to make choices - what ever they might be - without limitation.  Why does what you wear make a difference? I know this is something that women struggle with all the time - being taken seriously in the work place and in many other aspects of their lives. The last thing we need to do is pick on someone who is actually doing an exceptional amount of good work on women's behalf.

For a really great perspective on femininity and feminism, check out the awesome blog Femme Feminism.  The writing is excellent and covers a gamut of issues, "personal essays about the intersection of femme and feminist with our monthly themes, historical examinations of fashion production and design within a feminist context, and yes, posts that show off our favorite pair of jeans." 

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