Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Avoid the Wait

I work in an office building that has a food court on the first floor. I actually have to walk through the food court to get from the metro or parking to my office. This makes getting that much needed second cup of coffee so easy. There are a couple places with coffee, but the busiest spot is naturally the Starbucks. And from 8ish to 10ish there is always a line, at least 10 people deep. Apparently they are all people who commute to work with enough time to linger in line - I do not. I am never early to work. "People!" I want to shout, "there is an app for that!" And it works like a charm.

I wouldn't consider myself a super techie person, but if there is an app or any way to automate any administrative function of my life, I am all over it. Starbucks, Chipotle and anyplace that always has a line and has an app - yes! Papa Johns and other places that let me customize my order to ensure everyone in the family is happy - yes! Automated re-filling of my metro card so I don't have to use the weirdly complicated machines at the station - yes! Pre-paid parking so I don't have to circle endlessly or scare myself in a parking garage with a really low ceiling - yes!

Automate and then you can enjoy one of my favorite activities - walking to the front of the line and collecting the coffee that is ready and waiting for you.

NOTE:  I am not a paid endorser of these companies :-)

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