Wednesday, December 7, 2016

GIB Media Round Up (aka, How to Stall in the Face of Higher Taskings :-))

I so wish that procrastination was a: an Olympic sport or b: at the very least, calorie burning.  At least these suggestions will exercise your brain a bit, and that counts for something, right?

1.  I am loath to dip into politics publicly, but I found this article in the Washington Post, "How to Make Feminism Great Again" really great.  There are about 10 quotes I would like to share from this very short article, so instead I implore you to just GO READ IT. 

2.  I love the Girl on Guy podcast by Aisha Tyler, which only happens monthly now because of all the other stuff Aisha is doing. Her latest podcast is with her mom and it is awesome.  Her mom is so incredibly articulate, and their interview is so loving yet not sappy.  I can only hope to be that cool and be able to have the same kinds of conversations with my adult daughter some day.

3.  Book recommendations:  I love pop culture memoirs, and the one by favorite author Jennifer Weiner is great - Hungry Heart.  I just started Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick and it will be a great, fun read.  Her interview on the Nerdist Podcast was really, really awesome and worth a listen.

4.  Have you seen this commercial?  Somehow I missed it last year.  Yay Toys R Us for featuring a female veteran! I cannot watch this without tears. Cannot.

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