Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Getting it Together

I have made a pre-New Years resolution to get my act together.  Life is really good for our family right now, so I have no excuses, but I feel like I am working at 90%.  Case in point, today, I arrived at a conference for 100 people that I am in charge of hosting, with my work computer with the morning's briefing on it, without my ID badge that allows me to log on to the computer.  Nice.  A handy coworker who brought his laptop AND badge, and my awesome husband who brought me my own badge, saved the day.  

Part of this "kick start" plan is to make sure my diet doesn't get out of hand, make sure I get enough sleep, and to get exercise into my day, every day.  I am a person who saw the annual Air Force PT test as torture employed to get me into trouble.  Thankfully I will never, ever, have my waist measured as a sign of my health and fitness ever again. So I don't ever run willingly or happily into the gym.  I drag myself there because I will be happy and energized when I leave :-)

These thoughts were swirling in my head (Yay! You're here. Boo! This is no fun!) during a recent visit to the gym, when I saw something amazing.  It was a trim, fit looking 70-something women, impeccably coiffed, oxygen tank in tow, doing one of those hanging core exercise machine things.  AMAZING.  I wanted to take a picture but thought that would be rude.  

Thank you, universe, for the kick in the pants.  
If she can do it, than I should too!


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