Saturday, October 22, 2016

Eat the Dessert

(Erma Bombeck)

I am a huge plan-ahead-er, and as I confessed here and here, an anxious worry wort.  Planning ahead helps me calm down and focus.  But sometimes that means not being present for really important moments - moments that aren't momentous per say, but are important. 

My to do list is always long, and generally self imposed.  I bought that book, those ingredients, way too many craft supplies, joined that gym, yada yada, why aren't you doing it all RIGHT NOW.

That's why a visit from a treasured Aunt last night and today was so great.  We did at my house what we do at her house - enjoyed a nice breakfast, enjoyed many cups of coffee, and read the paper while intermittently discussing goings on and world events. Changing out of PJs didn't happen until well after 10.  We must do this (plan for it - ha ha!) more often.  Simply lovely.  

I'm learning too from my daughter.  She does not always share this need to plan.  She is far more comfortable letting things come together.  (Social events that is - she is pretty squared away about school :-)) Homecoming is tonight.  Girls were arriving at 6ish to dress and boys were arriving at 7.  Dinner was after gathering at our house and pictures, with the dance after.  Where was dinner going to be? Who was driving? How many were going? These were all questions that came together at about 5 this afternoon.  In fact at 5:59 she was still lounging in her sweats. Sure enough, at 7ish everyone was here, dressed, looking snappy, with driving plans worked out and a dinner location all set (with a reservation, be still my beating heart).  They were smiling and laughing and will have a great time.  Love that girl.  Need to be more like her :-)

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