Tuesday, August 9, 2016

This. Love.

Just saw this today, and it captures so much of what I love about the Olympics...

Another thing I am loving Olympics-wise: Lilly King, gold medal winner in the 100m breaststroke. "I'm not just this sweet little girl...If I do need to stir it up to put a little fire under my butt or anybody else's, then that's what I am going to do."  I would love to have her guts!

Most unsatisfying Olympic moment: the comments of NBC's chief marking officer for the Olympic coverage, John Miller: "The people who watch the Olympics are not particularly sports fans,  More women watch the Games than men, and for the women, they're less interested in the result and more interested in the journey."  Nice. Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post has a great column on this, "I would tell you what happened on the opening day of the Olympics, but as a woman, I'm not really into results: I'm more about the journey."

Cave men like John Miller won't spoil my Olympics.  I'm too busy watching the women's rugby team pound on the French yesterday and looking forward to the next installment today in "the journey" of the women's soccer team as they head towards a gold medal!

p.s. - I am not a paid endorser of Mini Coops, but if they wanted to give me one, I wouldn't say no...

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