Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Procrastination...My Friend :-)

It's been a while since I have done this - have you missed these amazing posts?  The here's cool stuff I like you might also like posts?  I thought so!  

1.  Have you heard about the kerfuffle at West Point regarding a picture?  Here is a great piece by a West Point graduate that puts it into perspective.

2.  You never know where you will hear something interesting and thought provoking.  The brief interview of Rose McGowan on the trivia show Ask Me Another was great.  There is also an interview with the head of social media for Star Wars, Andi Gutierrez. She says her mantra is "What Would Leia Do" because of her snark and bad assery - yes sister!  You can listen to it here.

3.  The Invictus Games are going on in Orlando - have you seen this video?  Priceless!

4.  One last thought for you...(although a: this assumes I had a plan to start with and b: I would change the last word to awesome)

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