Friday, January 15, 2016

This Should Be Your New Years Resolution

I am a fan of the news site Jezebel.  It's kind of irreverent and also consistently reviews the red carpet looks for the major awards shows - what's not to love about that?  They had a recent article that should be YOUR (and mine, too) New Year's resolution:

"There are two kinds of people who don’t take their lunch breaks: Martyrs and a-holes. Martyrs work through lunch so everyone can see how hard working and devoted they are. A-holes are either lucky enough to love what they do so much that they simply want to keep working, relaxation be damned, or are people who are too inexperienced or weak willed to use the time. You’re all stupid: Take your (flipping) lunch break." (told you irreverent :-))

I am guilty of this, and you can substitute gym time in this scenario too.   It's tough to wedge a break into the whirlwind of your life.  But try it.  I'm going to also!

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  1. I've been on Active Duty for 3 years now, and I learned this lesson about a year into my career. It is definitely the best piece of advice I received!