Monday, November 9, 2015

Disguised as a Civilian Part 2

I live in a city where everyone dresses in grays and black, so I love watching those that dress with some flair of color. I wrote a post about dressing as a civilian the other day, and had some further advice to give - just watch what others are doing - both in magazines and around your office.

So when the WSJ Magazine fell out of our weekend Wall Street Journal (showing my generation a bit - we still read paper papers at our house), I happily paged through to the article showing "a new take on power dressing."  The first few looks - awesome!

This was nice - but the pose sure was odd for work.  Could you imagine walking into an office and seeing someone sitting that way?

Odd shoe choice, but I could maybe get my mind around the outfit.

Then things went off the rails...could you imagine walking into the office like this?  Again with the penny loafers and socks!

...And, I'm done.  Sparkly lace? Enormous bow? 

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