Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sleep and Coffee, Not As Interchangeable As They Used To Be

So at the top of my last post was the adorableness that is our new puppy Griffin.  That's why we have a new puppy - because he is adorable, and much like your kids, the adorableness closes down the part of your brain where memories of all the work of adding another to your family, be it two- or four-legged, resides. And so now that part of my brain is laughing, LOUDLY, because to keep the peace at night and help the pup and the rest of the family sleep, I have taken to sleeping on the couch.  Which makes me grumpy.

There is some other, not bad, just stressful stuff going on in our house - job changes for both of us, volunteer efforts that are larger than anticipated, 10th grade AP courses/band/soccer, 8th grade algebra/confirmation/Scouts.  It's a busy life because we have been spectacularly blessed.  

I believe that, way deep down, and am grateful, but I sometimes slip up and forget.  

But then we hear of tragedies in Afghanistan, Oregon and South Carolina.  So I am writing this as a means to kick myself in the pants, and say prayers for all those who are truly suffering.  And then when I get up from my couch nap tomorrow, I will recite this gem, hit the"brew" button, and be grateful for another day with the ones I love.

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