Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Another Random Wrap Up

Sometimes, when I have a lot of thoughts, but I can't get them into any kind of coherent order, I throw them all into a blog post.  Lucky you!  Random wrap ups are also a good way to stall when I really should be doing something else, so doubly lucky you, because I am an excellent staller.

1.  Do you consider yourself a worrier or an over thinker?  This is me to a tee.  I can't remember my license plate number without looking at it, but I could tell you what I was wearing during a disastrous encounter over 10 years ago. Disastrous for me is usually of the foot-in-mouth variety.  But now scientists say that means over thinkers are  creative geniuses.  Boom.

2.  And because "creative genius" does not remove the over thinking and worrying, here are 5 things that won't be a big deal down the road.  Number 4 is a good one for me right now.

3.  Have you seen the story about the Laughlin AFB pilots that are being fired for what they've been texting? Interesting. Is this a case of over energetic commanders? Or is there more to the story? Now General Welsh is reviewing the case. 

4.  Another must-listen pod cast from the TED Radio Hour on the Meaning of Work.  The stories on "super chickens" and Steve Shirley I thought were the most interesting - the first being a sad indictment of how we promote in the military (my opinion, not part of the TED talk) and the second being an incredible inspiration for women in technical fields.

Have a great week everyone!

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