Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hooray! (Times 1 Zillion)

Two completely unrelated things (other than both involve awesome women) are making me so happy.

The first thing making me happy are the recent announcements by Secretary of the Air Force James regarding extending deployment and physical fitness assessment deferments for new moms.  HALLELUJAH!

I have refrained from reading any comments to the articles and Facebook posts - I am sure the usual trolls are having a field day. But last time I checked, women are still the only ones who can give birth, and it's a completely normal part of life, and these deferments don't excuse women from their daily work obligations. The best teams are the ones made up of individuals with diverse talents and points of view.  Period.

Which leads me to the second thing making me very happy...the US Women's National Soccer Team WINNING THE WORLD CUP! So awesome. And my daughter and I got to be there.  I bought the tickets when they first went on sale 6 months ago.  We would have gone no matter what - but to have the US team there was a dream come true!  And what a team - young, rookie players and time-tested veterans, and a couple moms too - coming together at the exact right time to blow away the competition.

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